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Britain is frequently at the forefront of change, yet the British remain peculiarly attached to their past and you can still find pride and a kind of nostalgia for the past. Given the great diversity of the British people it is difficult to define a fixed British culture, however there are characteristics that apply to all. Tolerance, fair play, and an instinct for compromise are fundamental qualities of the British character.

Irony is a trigger for laughter. Which, to paraphrase Billy Connolly, the British see as a form of free medication for body, mind and spirit. This particular aspect of the British character does not seem to translate well. It is true that much of what the British say is not quite what they mean and this can cause misunderstandings.

Culture Smart! Britain is a concise guide to understanding the British people and illuminating the complexities of their national identity. Familiarise yourself with their customs, traditions and culture and experience Britain authentically.

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