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In Prague and other highly visited areas such as Český Krumlov and Karlovy Vary, the economy is largely based on tourism. Fluctuations in tourist numbers, such as the time of the 2002 flood, causes anxiety amongst the many people who are dependent on tourist dollars.

The former Czechoslovakia had a large number of industrial areas as well as some mining. Much of this industry was located in what is now Slovakia, meaning that after the 1993 split the Czech Republic was left without the decaying industrial legacy, but for a few spots in Northern Bohemia.

The Czechs are a combination of intelligence, reserve and resilience. They may seem distant or unfriendly but they are a deeply sincere and caring people. Generations of first Austro-Hungarian and then Communist bureaucracy has led to a form of passive resistance. This attitude can only be thought of using the Czech phrase; Není možné. This translates literally to “it isn’t possible” and some visitors will find this hard to acclimatise to, delivered as it usually is with a bland demeanour. Most Czechs will simply accept the Není možné and move on, and visitors might find it best to embrace this attitude.

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