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The Finnish word sisi spread around the world during the Second World War, when a white-clad Finnish soldier on skis appeared on the pages of the Western press. A small yet heroic country was fighting the mighty Russia and sisi was used to describe the courage and determination of the Finns.

Finland still holds events every year to test this feature of the Finnish character. These include The Sauna World Championships and Marsh Football, when the players are up to their thighs in boggy marshland. If you’ve got a lot of sisi you can even competitively sit naked on the top of an anthill.

Finland is a land of forests and undulating countryside and The Finnish are very proud of their forests, calling them their “green gold.” There are brown bears, which the ancient Finns worshipped as the king of the forest. Finnish has more than fifty words for bear – as it was believed that you had to refer to him by euphemisms otherwise the bear thought he was being called, and you didn’t want that.

Finland has quickly come a long way from the poverty that was common right up to the 1960’s. It is now one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

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