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For centuries foreigners have been entranced by a land that has an exotic, eastern, and even mystical allure that is quite distinct from other countries in the region. Travelers have been seduced by the echoes of an extraordinary ancient history contained in the word “Persia.”

It is a place where people still sing medieval poetry on mountaintops but it is also a modern society that is experiencing great change. Urban society is lively, the streets are a gallery of exuberant activity. Music of all kinds blares out and people chatter away in a never-ending banter.

Women in Iran are well educated and opinionated, and many have successful careers. The most conspicuous aspect of women’s lives in Iran is the Islamic dress code. There are no exceptions and foreign women must obey the laws like any Iranian. This means female visitors must wear a head scarf and body coat anywhere in public, including hotel restaurants.

The country is still feeling the effects of the Islamic revolution of 1979 – a true revolution in the sense that it completely changed the country’s political orientation within days. The revolution imposed strict rules on social behaviour, and all women must cover themselves, alcohol is prohibited, and the mixing of unrelated couples is banned. Animosity toward the West at a political level sits side-by-side with a wholehearted welcome for foreigners as individuals.

Culture Smart! Iran is a concise guide to understanding the Iranian people, with illuminating insights into their national identity. Familiarise yourself with their customs, traditions and culture and experience Iran authentically.

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