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Coffee is a ubiquitous part of the country’s culture and is an important part of every Bosnian day. An offer to go out for coffee is a sign of hospitality and of friendship, and you will find it difficult to fit in if you don’t partake in this way of life. If you are offered coffee in someone’s house or office, always accept it – it is impolite to refuse.

Bosnian culture can be confusing to visitors and the bureaucracy frustrating, even to the locals. To feel really comfortable here it’s best to adopt the local attitude of “what will be, will be” with shoulders shrugged and arms raised to the sky.

Culture Smart! Bosnia and Herzegovina is a concise guide to understanding the Bosnian people, illuminating the complexities of their collective personality. Familiarise yourself with their customs, traditions and culture and experience Bosnia and Herzegovina authentically.

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