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This comprehensive, step-by-step guide is designed to prepare you for your move abroad and to enable you to manage the transition effectively. Alone in the market, it combines the practical, cultural, and psychological aspects of relocation, and helps to allay the fears and reduce the stresses that accompany this major event in a person's life.

Uniquely it offers:

  • A strong knowledge base for every stage of the relocation journey
  • A strategy to manage the issues at hand
  • Psychological preparation
  • An action plan, presented through exercises, practical steps to consider, checklists, and many easy-to-use tools

Preparing For Your Move Abroad follows a typical relocation timeline, taking you from your first step, the decision to move, to your integration into the host society, and through every step between these two points.

It deals with the challenge of change by pulling together the practical, cultural, and psychological aspects of relocation and addressing them at each phase of the process. This distinctive approach helps you to develop three essential skills: systematic organization, cultural flexibility, and psychological resilience. These skills are crucial for successful change management, and can be put to use in any new culture, anywhere in the world.

Moving to a new society invariably induces a degree of culture shock  largely the result of "change overload." Preparing For Your Move Abroad presents a tried and tested strategy to help you manage the experience and quickly recover. No other book addresses this phenomenon, or attempts to help readers develop the skills to cope with it.

The book aims to turn the challenges of relocation into opportunities for growth. By equipping you with essential knowledge, tools, and skills, it will help you to anticipate what lies ahead, address the challenges presented by your move with clarity and confidence, and make your transition successful, stress-free, and much more enjoyable.

This guide is available in iTunes here.

This guide is available on Kindle here.